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Learn the 3 Phase
Process to Cold-Email Mastery

Leverage our scientific process, rock-solid first principles, and repeatable systems – not some 'hack'.
NO 'one-size fit all' approach
NO short-term growth hack
NO 'personalising' every single email

What's Inside & What Will I Learn?

4+ Hrs
No-fluff Videos
Phase Process
Plug&Play Templates

Step-by-Step Processes

Implement our proven 3-Phase Cold-Email Copy System and learn the first principles, the science behind client acquisition, and how to to creatively apply this to your specific use case so that you can create a disgusting competitive advantage.
Proven Templates & Email Copy Structures
Strategy & Science
Optimal Outreach Line
6 Pillars of Client Acquisition
3 Scientific Pillars of Effective Cold Emails
Testing & Optimizing Your Copy
Icebreaker Alchemy
Minimize Reply Friction
Never Land in SPAM
Writing Efficiency

Plug-&-Play Toolkit

Streamline the implementation of our system with our toolkit of incredibly detailed SOPs, templates, checklists, and more.
Avoid Competition Matrix
Business Model Canvas
Value Prop Canvas
PEST & SWOT Analysis
Innovation Frameworks
Copywriting Playbook
Competition Tracker
Email Copy Templates

Bulletproof Checklist

Use our invaluable checklist to streamline the the copywriting progress and make sure to not miss any vital tasks.
80+ Prioritized Tasks
Never miss a vital task
Clear roadmap
Progress reports
Mini how-to's included
Anti-SPAM Checklist Included

Insane Bonuses to Supercharge Your Outreach

Get access to hours of videos and 20+ pages of step-by-step SOPs from our flagship ScaleYourOutreach System.
How to Automate Your Outreach
Generate Leads at Scale
LinkedIn Extraction
Email Enrichment
Learn about the 3 Outreach Systems
Outreach Strategy & Science
Create Your Own Moat
Scale Your Cold Emails

Invaluable 1-on-1 Advisory

Introducing our popular Loom Support System: Whenever you need feedback on your offer or have any questions, our CEO Rafael will go ahead and send you a personal loom with advice and deep-dive into your specific use case.
Experts Review Your Email Copy
Custom Loom Videos
Ask Any Question
Case-by-case Feedback

Our Unprecedented Pay-on-Results Model

Minimum 2x positive reply rate increase after 1 month — or you don't pay
30 day pay-on-results refund guarantee if above results aren't met after properly implementing the system
Additional personal guidance if your target results aren’t being met
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Step-by-Step Processes & No-fluff Videos
3-Phase Cold-Email Mastery System
Email Copy Structures & Templates
Plug-&-Play Toolkit
6-Part Client Acquisition Formula
Further Learnings & Resources
Lifetime Access

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